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How We Improve Your Credit

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The world runs on credit. The better your score, the more financial freedom and options you have. We fix your bad credit and set you up for a lifetime of healthy credit in just 4 simple, permanent steps. Learn more about how it works.


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We understand your current financial situation and your goals to see how we can best help you.


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We challenge your negative items with the three bureaus to ensure your credit reports are accurate.


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We closely watch your credit score to keep you on track with your credit goals.


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We educate you on the nuances of credit to ensure you can maintain a healthy credit score for decades to come.

Why Credit Repair?

Why credit repair
  • Credit is the foundation of your finances
  • Stand out on a job application
  • Access to best credit card deals
  • Get discounts on insurance policies
  • More housing options
  • Security deposit waivers on utilities and other bills

Is Credit Repair Right for You?

What is Credit Repair?

Credit Repair is the process of addressing and removing the questionable negative items that impact your credit profile. Millions of Americans are victims of inaccurate or unfair negative items that are actively lowering their credit score. Many people have no idea until it’s time to apply for a credit card or buy a home.

Is Credit Repair Right for You?

Unfortunately, millions of people have inaccurate or unfair items impacting their credit score and limiting their options. Our credit repair process helps find and remove the negative items holding you back. 

  • Do you feel burdened by student debt?
  • Are you saving up for a big purchase such a house?
  • Are you trying to apply for a personal or business loan?

Together, let’s rewrite your story and get you back on track with your financial freedom goals.

How Long Does Credit Repair Take?

It generally takes about 6 months to resolve all of the disputes that the average customer needs to make. Of course, if you have fewer mistakes to correct, you may see significant results in just over 30 days. On the other hand, if you’ve never corrected your credit, the process may take longer.

Change Your Credit. Change Your Future.

Working with Pivot Credit Repair sets you on the right track to better options. Fill out the information below to find out how much you can save by fixing your credit score.

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